Crary Farmland Sales Services

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In today’s real estate market, figuring an accurate farmland value is tough. Knowing soils composition maps and understanding water tables is key. Two quarter sections on the opposite side of the road of each other can have dramatically different yields due to these factors. I have full access to soils maps for the latest listings, so contact me today to help you find your next farm.

Get a Farmland Valuation Report

If you currently own your farmland, it’s important to know what it’s worth. Whether you are selling or looking to rent out land, understanding the current value and rental rates of your farmland is the first step. Figuring out farmland values isn’t as easy as figuring out home values, and that is why farmland appraisals can cost 2-4 times as much as home appraisals. Contact me today to get a free review of your farmland’s current value.

Farmland Sales

Are you thinking about Selling? “Let’s get together and talk. I’ll listen to what’s important to you and show you what’s going on in your market today with current data. Together we will strategize the ever important timing for you and the market to get your farmland sold on your terms!”

Discrete Sales

We have exclusive and private listings available that we can discuss confidentially to work the best scenarios for all parties. Let me show you how using sound analytics with data supports offers and strengthens negotiations.